About CrossFit Q 663

Our NEW Facility ​7250 SQ FEET NEWLY RENOVATED CROSSFIT SPACE 7 ACRES OF OUTDOOR WORKOUT AREA BRAND NEW ROGUE EQUIPMENT CONCEPT 2 ROWERS WODIFY ONLINE ATHLETE TRACKING MENS/WOMENS AREAS WITH CHANGING AREA AND SHOWERS ​BABYSITTING ROOM LOUNGE AREA FREE WIFI YOGA ROOM SONOS SOUND SYSTEM   Our Philosophy in 20 Words We believe CrossFit and its focus on functional fitness improves peoples' lives, creates tighter family bonds, and develops stronger communities.



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    Grand Slam
    EMOM 10 Alternating
    Partner 1: 45 sec Running Drill
    Partner 2: 45 sec Med Ball Movement

    Round 1 – Shuttle runs & Med ball deadlifts
    Round 2 – Backwards running & Med ball goblet squats
    Round 3 – Side shuffle & Med ball presses
    Round 4 – High knees & Med Ball OH Wall Throws
    Round 5 – Butt kickers & Med Ball Slams
    WOD Prep
    3 reps each side of Supine bridge w. reach — 10 sec hold at each side.
    15 sec Partner lying arm lift — each person
    10 reps Lying wall hands to toes

    Skill Work:
    30 sec Superman hold
    30 sec Deadbugs

    10 reps Back extension
    10-20 reps Heel touches

    10 reps plate good mornings
    10 reps GHD sit ups/MB sit ups
    Metcon (AMRAP - Reps)
    3 Rounds:
    200m Run
    With what time is remaining of 2min, perform AMRAP Med Ball situps. 20/14
    Rest 1min

    3 Rounds:
    400m Run
    With what time is remaining of 4min, perform AMRAP Med Ball Slams 20/14
    Rest 1min

    Level 2- Sit ups - 14/10
    RX+ = GHD Sit Ups -25/18
    Competition Level Accessory Work ( CLAW)
    Bench Press (5 5 5 5 5)
    Use the heaviest weight possible for each set